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  The 4 era of industry has come, and local governments have issued policies to support industrial enterprises to carry out technological transformation and upgrade equipment, that is to encourage enterprises to replace machines.

  It's our time.

  If you are preparing to start an undertaking, or you already have your own business, you are developing new business, or you want to join the industry 4 industry and make a career.

  Welcome to negotiate at any time, more welcome to visit our company on the spot.

  Deputy General Manager: Mr. Ma 151-2388-3699 or direct call to the chairman of the company: Mr. Lv 135-4934-7975.

  Conditions of franchisees:

   1) the enterprises and units approved by the industrial and commercial departments, or individuals who have planned to engage in the automation industry;

   2) have a certain experience in mechanical equipment sales or machinery industry.

   3) there are 2-4 salesmen, or some sales channels.  

  Join the mode of cooperation:

   1) in the local cooperation with the FAI company to set up an office to sell the products of the FAI brand.

   2) in the local independent distribution of the FAI brand products, the FAI company provides technical support.

   3) when you provide automation solutions for customers, we use the brand industrial robot of FAI, and we provide technical support for you.