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Demo Case

FITYOU 4 Axis forging robot bearing automation


2019-04-21 19:59

4 axis swinging arm forging robot
      Technical characteristics

1、Automatic production of general robot for forging and pressing.

2、four axis mechanism, flexible application, suitable for a variety of working conditions;

3、servo drive, stable performance, improve operation precision;

4、supporting the customer's existing machine tools, realizing automatic stamping;

5、easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for staff to learn.

Scope of application

1、Single stamping process for sheet feeding and sampling, and flexible installation of robot.

2、multi punching machine multi process transfer products, different tonnage punch, different height mold can be compatible, the replacement of the mold is convenient;

3、The molding process product needs to top out the lower die from the ejector mechanism, and the punch die needs to have the stripper plate.

4、It is suitable for a multi product to share an automatic stamping production line, which is quick in programming and easy to debug.

Supporting equipment

1、material feeding machine (customer selection)

2、feeder location machine (essential equipment)

3、load shifting machine (two machine tools, machine tool spacing more than 1, 5m)

4、Automatic stone grinder




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