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Demo Case

Ball cage forging manipulator, ball cage forging automation,


2018-10-22 15:49
1、Suitable for products:lower 3KG bearing sleeve type products, flat end of material
2、Suitable for machine tools:series arrangement of machine tools before and after
3、Machine tool requirements:the need for frequency conversion speed control and electronic cam, there is a lower ejector mechanism (old equipment, we provide upgrading and transformation)
4、Suitable for process:single machine single station (slow speed of single machine two station)
5、Manipulator configuration:two axis forging manipulator six, six joint robot one, two axle manipulator, one set of feeder and one set of isolation transformer
FITYOU robot Ball cage forging manipulator, ball cage forging automation, ball cage red punching manipulator. easy operation + high valune with compecitive price| .
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