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Confederation of Chinese metal forming industry 2019


2019-04-26 16:52
Confederation of Chinese metal forming industry  2019 

ponsored by China Forging Association, opened in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province on April 24. It attracted more than 300 well-known forging enterprises, research institutes, equipment supporting enterprises and material supporting enterprises in the domestic forging industry. Dongguan Huike Robot Automation Co., Ltd. demonstrated the latest forging robot equipment at the conference site, attracting participants from the conference site to consult the technical characteristics of the equipment and discuss cooperation matters. At the same time, the company's business and technical personnel also learned the latest trend of forging industry automation technology discovery and market development opportunities during the quotation meeting.

Dongguan Fityou Robot Automation Co.,Ltd was founded in April 2008. The company is committed to the development, manufacture and sale of industrial robot automation products. Hui Ke brand industrial robot automation products are widely used in stamping, forging, welding, handling, palletizing, processing, spraying, assembling, testing and other automated industrial production, which is urgent for industrial enterprises to solve difficult employment and low efficiency.
       The company's products have won dozens of national technical patents, including joint robot, arm robot, connecting rod manipulator and related technical patents. The R & D team of the company continues to research, test, improve the specific application of industrial robots in industrial enterprises, and provide customers with the overall solution of automated production. Meanwhile, the company can tailor industrial automation products for customers. We believe that the automatic production is the only way which must be passed to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in industrial enterprises, we adhere to the "continuous innovation, technical skills continue to meet customer demand" for the purpose of industrial enterprises to provide the most suitable for the high performance, easy to operate the industrial robot automation products. 

 In order to serve customers faster, the company has established production and service bases in Chuzhou, Zhejiang, Shaoxing, Chongqing Bishan, Shandong and Qingdao in Anhui, providing a one-stop worry service for local customers.
       The company continues to improve and improve the quality of the product, the company through and fully implement the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, and the whole process of management of product quality. The company pays attention to internal detail management, optimizes resources and information sharing through ERP and OA management system, and ensures customers to use the best industrial robot automation products.



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