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customer visiting and conference for forging automation


2019-05-03 14:40
Why attend the visiting and conference?

1. Meet potential supplier -  for your  solutions requirements  and products

2. Increase your production efficiency - FITYOU is a Hi-tech factory to  offer you suitable automation solutions

3. Expand sales network - expand our distributors network in India and abroad

4. Meet potential suppliers - meet new potential suppliers and diversify your product and solutions portfolio

5. Gain insight information and generate ideas - share ideas, knowledge and discuss industry related issues with professionals during the workshops, conference presentations in order to generate ideas to address specific needs

6. Stay up-to-date on new technologies - get new ideas and insight information from International key note speakers

7. Experience all facets of your industry - get in touch with the manufacturing, distribution, solutions and application examples of bearing and related products for 2 days

8. Develop powerful connections - exchange ideas with colleagues and expand professional relationships with local Indian and International bearing and PT/MC industry contacts

9. Plan company visits - visit potential customer and supplier companies before or after the event



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