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Punching manipulator

4 Axis swing arm punching robot


2019-11-06 16:31

Technial Features

1. Special Robot for Pressing and Hydraulic Automation Production;
2. Four-axis reinforcing mechanism with large stroke and high load;
3. Servo drive, stable performance, improve operation accuracy;
4. Supporting customers'existing machine tools to achieve automatic stamping;
5. Easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for employees to learn.
1. Punching feeding and sampling in single working procedure of single punch press, flexible installation position of robot;
2. Multi-punch and multi-process transfer products, different tonnage punch and different height die can be compatible, easy to replace the die;
3. Suitable for multi-product sharing an automatic stamping production line, fast programming, easy debugging.
Matching equipment
Material elevator and coil feeder (one of them)