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Punching manipulator

Multi axis Longmen punching manipulator


2019-03-06 20:20

Automatic stamping manipulator for long strip
        Technical characteristics

1、A large automatic machine hand for automatic production of sheet metal stamping.

2、The multi axis Longmen manipulator strengthens the structure and has high load.

3、servo drive, stable performance, improve operation precision;

4、easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for staff to learn.

Adaptation range

1、large sheet automatic stamping can be punched by single punch press or press on multiple punches. The manipulator is installed in front of punch press, and the customer dies enter and exit from the side of punch.

2、if the customer's mold is hoisted from the front of the punch, the Z axis of the manipulator of the manipulator of Longmen needs to be increased.

3、It is suitable for a multi product to share a production line, which is quick in programming and easy to debug.

Supporting equipment

Material lift