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Punching manipulator

2 axis independent punching manipulator - reinforced type


2018-10-24 13:45

2 axis independent punching manipulator - reinforced type
       Technical characteristics

1、Special manipulator for automatic stamping of sheet metal;

2、modularization to strengthen the structure, large travel, high load;

3、servo drive, stable performance, improve operation precision;

4、supporting the existing machine tools, friendly interface, convenient for the staff to learn.

Scope of application

1、single stamping sheet sheet stamping feed, sample, mechanical hand straight motion, installed on the side of the punch.

2、multi punch between the multi process transfer product, the manipulator is installed between the annual punch, each punch must be arranged in a straight line, and the height of the lower die is as close as possible.

3、the customer's up and down mode travel needs more than 200mm;

4、It is suitable for a multi product to share an automatic stamping production line, which is quick in programming and easy to debug.

Supporting equipment

Material lift and reel feeder (one of the two)