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Punching manipulator

3 / 2 sub stamping manipulator


2019-03-06 20:23

3 / 2 sub stamping manipulator
       Technical characteristics

1、tensile and other single machine and multi process product special equipment;

2、three axis modular mechanism, running speed;

3、servo drive, stable performance, improve operation precision;

4、easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for staff to learn.

Scope of application

1、the single machine bed multi process stamping, the manipulator three axis straight motion, the host and auxiliary machine are installed on both sides of the machine tool.

2、It is especially suitable for multi position automatic stamping of tensile products.

3、It is suitable for a multi product to share an automatic stamping production line, which is quick in programming and easy to debug.

Supporting equipment

Material elevator and reel feeder


stamping manipulator  Specifications