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Forging manipulator

2 Axis swing beam forging robot


2019-09-28 20:24
Technical Features:

1. Forging automatic production of general purpose robots;
2. Two-axis modular mechanism with high cost performance;
3. Servo drive, stable performance, improve operation accuracy;
4. Supporting customers'existing machine tools to realize automatic forging;
5. Easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for employees to learn.
Scope of application
1. Forging, feeding and sampling in single process of single machine tool, straight line movement of manipulator, installed in front of machine tool;
2. Open-type punch press forging three processes, two manipulators are installed on both sides of the machine tool, three processes of rotational forging;
3. In the forming process, the products need to be ejected from the lower die by the ejector, and the punching die needs to be stripped.
4. Suitable for multi-product sharing an automatic stamping production line, fast programming, easy debugging.
Matching equipment
1. Material feeder (customer selection)
2. Material Receiving Locator (Essential Equipment)
3. Load shifter (when two machine tools are on-line and machine tool spacing is greater than 1 or 5 m)
4. Automatic stone-spraying mill


Model         FY-B-D2G10H
Number of axis   X900*Y300
Loading   6kgs
Motor   TW AC servo motor
position   ±0.2mm
Working eficiency   Max:12c/min
rated power   2.0KW
Ambient temperature   0~50℃
Installation method  floor mounted