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Forging manipulator

single arm step beam forging manipulator


2019-03-06 20:18

single  arm step beam forging manipulator
       Technical characteristics

1、high end equipment for automatic forging and pressing of single machine and multi process

2、three axis single arm step beam mechanism with high running speed

3、Independent institutions, easy to install

4、servo drive, stable performance, improve operation precision

5、easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for employees to learn

Scope of application

1、The multi process forging of the single machine bed, the three axis motion of the manipulator, the manipulator installed in front of the machine tool.

2、The mechanical hand of the open punch press is arranged in the middle, and the mechanical hand of the closed punching machine is arranged laterally.

3、It is especially suitable for automatic forging of nut and bearing multi process products.

4、It is suitable for many kinds of products to share an automatic forging manipulator, which is quick in programming and easy to debug.

Supporting equipment

1、material feeding machine (customer selection)

2、feeder location machine (essential equipment)

3、Automatic stone grinder