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      Enterprise headquarters:

        Company name: Dongguan Fai robotics automation Limited by Share Ltd
        Company address: No. 2, Tuen village street, Tuen village, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong
        Company phone: 0769-38973158 Fax: 0769-38973159
        Business contact: Mr. Lv (135-4934-7975); business QQ:625697005
E-mail: 85310705@163.com
        Web site: http://www.fitrobot.net


        The production base of domestic | service:

        Company name: Anhui Fai Intelligent Robot Automation Co., Ltd.
        Company address: 3 floor of No. 9, No. 9, Zhaoyang Industrial Park, 801, Chuzhou, Anhui
        Business contact: Mr. Jiang (136-0550-2838);


        Name of the company: Shaoxing Hui Ke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Company address: the road east of Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone
        Business contact: Mr. He (180-5271-1998);


       Company name: Chongqing he jade Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
       Company address: No. 51, Qingqian street, Jinyun Road, Bishan District, Chongqing
       Business contacts: Mr. Ma 155-2333-4555151-2388-3699


       Company name: Qingdao Hui Ke robotics Automation Co., Ltd.
       Company address: Jimo City, Shandong province Huanxiu Street office Qingdao City West called Er Bu Cun
       Business contacts: Mr. Lv 150-9223-9225


        Hui Ke official WeChat public number辉科微信公众号.jpg 

        Business contacts:

        Business contact in Shanghai: Mr. Zhang (133-9118-4718)
        Business contacts in Chengdu: Mr. Ma (155-2333-4555)
        Business contacts in Tianjin: Mr. Wang (188-5257-5739)
        Business contacts in Changchun: Mr. Han (137-3603-4725)
        Business contacts in Wuhan: Miss Zhao (180-6206-7410)
        Business contacts in Zhongshan: Mr. Li (189-2333-2105)
        Business contacts in Weifang: Mr. Chang (175-0536-1962)
        Business contact in Suzhou: Mr. Zhang (133-9118-4718)


        Technical links:

        North China technical connection: Mr. Lv (135-5972-9266)

        Technical links in Southern China: Mr. Li (134-1249-5690)