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Application and advantages of CNC machine tools

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    The manufacturers of CNC machine tools in Dongguan have a brief analysis of the application and advantages of CNC machine tools.


NC machine tool manipulator has made human to extricate from the arduous work environment of ideas into reality, the process of social production in the use of machinery, CNC machine tool manipulator development has epoch-making significance, has been gradually applied to practical production, complete with high efficiency instead of human beings the monotonous and high-risk and heavy physical work. Deepening of economic development and technological innovation has prompted the industrialization process of the popularity of CNC machine tools in practical application on the manipulator will get more and more wide, wide application of mechanical hand to improve social productivity, reduce production costs, protect the personal safety of workers is of epoch-making significance.
For the actual situation of China's industrial production, is of great significance to develop the manipulator under application of NC machine tool manipulator production stable and reliable operation, high precision, good product quality, and can enhance the production efficiency of the enterprise effectively, improve the working environment of the operators, greatly improved the speed of product updating. It can greatly reduce the burden of production of workers, and will have a far-reaching impact on the related industries.
NC machine tool manipulator, instead of manual: kangdao technology professional for a variety of lathe or supporting 3 to 6 axis automatic feeding manipulator, NC machine tool manipulator directly to complete automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic processing of finished materials placed in the continuity of action lathe, completely replace the manual operation, more efficient implementation of CNC lathe is only 1 people on duty, thereby greatly reducing the use cost of enterprises, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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